What's Upcycle Flawer?

This is a Flower Power Recycling Initiative, and we want to work with you. Our goal is to achieve zero waste in the most beautiful of ways and the UPCYCLE project is our effort in sustainability through the sentiment of preservation.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. By donating your unwanted flowers to us, we can turn them into a new art project. This creates an opportunity for us to create organic art by lessening commercial waste, especially after big flowery festivities such as Valentine’s Day. 

We also know that flowers encompass memories and emotions of occasions that are dear to us. Through upcycle, we can make them eternal. Find out how it works!

In collaboration with ZeroWaste Malaysia, we also donate part of our proceeds to local creative platforms in order to support artists and encourage community support. The local creative scene is an ever-expanding platform, and we want to play our part in nourishing it. 

This is how it works:

Receive your flowers.

And enjoy them. We offer a step-by-step guide here on the flower care process before your florals reach our doorstep.

Choose your desired UPCYCLE product on our website.

Choose and purchase the upcycle product that catches your eye. Upon receiving your bouquet, we will plan which flowers will work best with your desired arrangement.

4 Cornerstones

The core values that we uphold transfer
to the 4 services we provide.

  • Design

    Enhance your space with our exquisite flower designs. Our skilled florists create stunning arrangements that will elevate any occasion.

  • Experience

    Discover the art of floral curation with our collection of hand-picked flowers. Create memorable moments with our stunning arrangements.

  • Up-cycle

    Transform your old flowers into beautiful new creations with our flower upcycling service. Join us in reducing waste and embracing sustainability.

  • Healing

    Indulge in the therapeutic journey of making beautiful flower arrangements. Experience the joy of creating natural beauty.

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Following our Founder

Shayne works in the business of Magic Botanicals. Inspired by the struggles and storytelling of unwanted flowers, she explores different mediums to extend their beauty in the eye of the beholder.

As the flowers continue their journey past a shelf life, Shayne works with them to give them another.

Shayne has been constantly innovating and refining her own unique form of floral art.

Inspired to spark a movement of creativity and support amongst eager, hungry artists, she hopes to contribute to a community of creative floral enthusiasts in Malaysia.

Her top mission is to seek collaboration with multidisciplinary artists to create experimental sensory approaches to life and environments through nature and art.