Flawer Vol. 1

靈性 因籠統而遭忽略
呼吸 雖平凡卻被遺忘
但若靈魂迷失之際 仍能自我起舞
迷途過程中的蛻變 依能從心感受
初之心若牢記 即能洞悉霎那美
先絕死後重生 一切皆化為型態
看破述世繁華 蓮花亦為之綻放

This collection is about embracing your flaws.
Let Your Flaws Be Your Flowers!

Now you can turn your meaningful flower into an art piece.

Even though we endure difficult times,
these experiences only assist in our journey of personal growth.
And so despite the mud that could potentially taint our soul,
despite the opposing challenges that can cause great suffering,
despite the power of our own mind sometimes tricking us down into misery.
We will rise again as the beautiful and
pure loving light energy that we are.
‑ And still, the lotus flower blooms.

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