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Flawer Studio

Virtual Flawer Mandala Crystal Meditation

Virtual Flawer Mandala Crystal Meditation

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A collaboration with Do-Nya Healing Space.

Create peacefulness, go within, and awaken your inner artist with a guided meditation and flower mandalas.

Melissa from Do-Nya will lead us through a guided meditation.

The guided meditation will help us get out of our heads, slow down and be in the present. 

Once we are relaxed and have expanded are minds we will continue to stay connected with our enlightened state of mind by creating our own flower mandalas.  

(Flower mandalas are created with dried flowers on a dedicated frame. All materials are provided and you will be able to keep them at home with you.)

No prior art experience is required for our workshops or meditative experience is needed to participate.
This is a safe and judgement free environment.

We want you to be comfortable for this experience. Please dress however you are most comfortable, light color clothes. You may meditate sitting on the floor or sitting upright in a chair. Again it is whatever makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed. 


M O V E  O N 

What you will get :

A sage, a crystal, a frame 8R, a curated flower pack, tools and a peace of mind.



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