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Vintage Collectibles Scented Candle (Set of 3)

Vintage Collectibles Scented Candle (Set of 3)

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Light up your soul! We believe a soulful scents start with the best ingredients and integrity by passionate individuals.

Essential Oil Candle comes in set of three

 Simply Tea

Cup size

∴ S, M, L 

Our candle made from 100% natural soy wax, always trim your wick to size before lighting the candle to ensure proper burning. 

Candle will not burn through to the flowers, the wick sits right above it. 

Ensure that candle is used in a well ventilated space, with no strong drafts or wind.
Full burn time is approximately 12 hours, no more than 4 hours burn time per use. Please avoid using lid to put out of flame. After the wax cools from burning, it is normal to have an uneven surface as it cools as it is a natural property of soy wax, so no worries!

*Once you have fully burned through all the wax, it is time to repurpose the jar or refill the candle with us remove the wick base and dispose it. 

We provide refill option for our candle series, instead of getting a new one. Customer can choose to bring their candle glass or ceramic to refill our Flawer's scented candle wax.

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